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A recent post on tripadvisor Paris forum asked  “I was wondering if anyone had a favorite brand of toilet paper.?”   I just laughed and passed by, thinking it was an odd question.  If I am in Paris, toilet paper is the last thing I am thinking about.   But 24 hours later there were 36 replies, and it didn’t stop there!

I was amazed! I never thought something so basic as the tissue you use to clean your bottom and then throw away, could provoke such interest or passion!

Then yesterday I had occasion to use the public loo’s in the big posh Parisian store, Printemps and blow me! there was a whole department devoted to the stuff. French posteriors are obviously delicate and important!

Just a very pretty girl sitting in the department,  but notice what they use for seats!

Not only has it educated me about TP! but tripadvisor and it’s spin off,  has actually changed my life in the past few years. Through these forums I have found other people who share my passion for Paris and also made some very good friends and acquaintances from all over the world. We not only keep in touch by forum, email and facebook, but also meet up and share trips.
Coincidentally, several of us happened to be in Paris at the same time this weekend, so yesterday was a day of socialising and networking.
A gathering of ourparisforum members for coffee/breakfast at Le Valentins, a wonderful chocolate shop and  cafe  in the interesting, ancient ,passage Jouffrey. 
 Eleven of us gathered and caught up.
Afterwards, Sandy and I caught  up.  Sandy is my dear friend from Iowa and we have shared several trips together.  Sandy’s passion is Chocolate shops and she gave me a good tour of some she wanted to visit. She is so knowledge able she really should start her own blog!
Of course all the chocolate shop viewing made me CRAVE for chocolate so we called at the tiny cafe Pushkin, a hidden gem situated on  the ground floor of the Printemps department store.
I had a thick hot chocolate to die for, (which rivalled Angelinas, without the queues and minus the staff attitude.) and Sandy had a pistachio kind of mousse cake.  I gather from the orgasmic noises she made that she enjoyed it!
We snapped pictures of the clever , artistic, spring themed, displays in the store.

This blog has also opened up avenues of acquaintance as we later joined Sylvia, of Finding Noon, on her regular Friday@Flore, post shoot.
Interesting to see how a professional works!
Love from Paris.

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6 thoughts on “

  1. Wow, all those different colours and designs of toilet paper – amazing!!! And you all look as if you're having a great time at Valentin's, I'm soooo jealous!! I know I'm going to be there in July but I'll miss your visit. Hopefully there will be some other OPFers to get together with when I'm there.The hot chocolate looks delicious as well….roll on JulyJanet x


  2. First of all, I want that Eiffel Tower TP, lol.Second, I'm so happy you got to get together with so many other Paris addicts, but so sad I missed it. Is that Jim and Pat in the corner? I recognize Shoesy and her hubby, Sandy, Peter, Sylvia and Jane. What fun this must have been. I hope to meet everyone at some point ~ I already feel I know so many of you!Looks like we have to find time for cafe Puskin at some point. So many places to try, so little time!Enjoy the rest of your time in Paris.Jo


  3. So fun to see another OPF gathering…and at Le Valentins no less! I don't see Gitte there? but oh, so many others! I recognize most and I think that is a lovely thing to have this global OPF connection! Hello to you all!Cybee*


  4. The GTG was wonderful although we missed some of you! How lucky we are to have friends around the world and meet in our beloved city! Here's to seeing you all there at one time or another!


  5. That visit to the PointWC was fun – all those rolls of TP in different colors – and the ones with the Eiffel Tower made a big hit when I brought them home!! Will have to make a visit there again – next time I'll get an ET roll for myself!This was a fun day – loved the GTG and all the rest of the day – lots of fun memories of another visit to Paris!


  6. Hi Sandy, glad you found your way to posting on my blog. I don't know how to tell people how to do it. Yes thanks for showing me the cafe Pushkin, it is our little secret! shh!Love denise


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