Mary Quant dress.


It was the dress that started it,…… hanging seductively in Marks and Spencer, reminiscent of my youth. 1966, Mary Quant,  first boyfriend,  girlfriends,  first holidays without  parents.  Balmy nights in hot nightclubs, dancing the night away….and fun!

So I bought it to go to Paris.

My Paris clothes were at home, neatly awaiting final packing and this dress does not match the colour scheme.

….First rule of survival with a carry on bag is everything must match.

So with 40 minutes left before I had to get in my car to pick up my grandson from school, I ran around M&S picking up tights, shoes, tops. cardies. skinny jeans even lipstick. 

One of the benefits of M&S is that you can return unwanted goods, no questions asked.

So  much for couple of weeks of forward planning, practise packs, packing lists and being organised!

Trouble is, because I was longer than planned, when I got back to the car park, I had got a ticket for staying over time!  Shhhh!

Still….this time tomorrow………
(Bolton Joke)

Love from Bolton.


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  1. Well done you! You deserve new clothes to go with your weight loss. I'm sure you will look great in that dress. Sorry about your parking ticket though!Have a lovely time in Paris.Janet xx


  2. Love the dress, love the shopping spree, I even kind of love the ticket story, lol.Have a wonderful time in Paris. Can't wait to read all about it (and don't forget pictures!!)Jo


  3. Great dress! It is very 60s mod. And Paris is the perfect place to debut a new wardrobe. Have a marvelous time! Looking forward to hearing all about it.


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