I’ve done it again!…posted a grumpy comment on tripadvisor today, instead of minding my own business……and this morning I over reacted to something Michael said, resulting in a door slamming, shrieking argument. (me doing the door slamming etc

This is the last weekend and five days before my next Paris trip and I frantically clean the house and try to do ALL the washing before I go. Even though Michael is staying at home and is perfectly capable of cleaning the house while I am away.

I snap at everybody, Even the woman on the radio who is talking on a phone for gardening!.

Stragely this only happens before a Paris trip. I go away about once a month, but it is only at the Gare du Nord, do I heave a sigh of relief, AHHHH! and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I am fascinated by luggage. Always browsing in luggage shops hoping to find the perfect receptacle to take on my travels….. light as a feather, small enough to fit in the hand luggage bin, yet roomy enough to hold enough all my essentials for a month in the Arctic!
I have not found it yet but my two current favourites, a small Caterpillar carryon and a larger Tripp valise come close.I m tempted to pay an extra £25 to take the valise. Trouble is I find packing tends to expand to fir the case allotted to it!.
I am turning into my mother!…she would drive me mad by starting to pack at least two weeks before her annualSpanish holidays.  Now I find myself  putting my clothes to one side for a couple of weeks before a trip and I will have a couple of “practise packs”  ….it is not as if i don’t KNOW how to pack!  and I end up wearing old tatty underwear for at least a week because I am saving  my “best” underwear for the trip.
How I wish I could be a “throw it in at the last minute” type of girl.
……Not to mention the obligatory manicure, eyebrows and other “bits” I HAVE to have done before I go.  Why?  nobody will see them, ..unless I suddenly decide to take a French lover.
Chance would be a fine thing! LOL!
Love from Bolton


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  1. Speaking of French lovers, doesn't Michael ever ask why you're taking your best underwear to Paris?! 😉 As for luggage, I saw an interesting store while riding the bus the other day. It boasted a line of ultra-light luggage that looked quite interesting. As for me, I'm a last minute packer otherwise I put in way too many things.My rule of thumb for TA is to stay far away if I'm in a grumpy mood. Now I'll have to go see what you said!And what "bits" do you have done?!? A Brazilian wax? Are you going back to the hammam?


  2. Michael trusts me implicitly!!.. or he doesn't realise I take my best underwear. My daughter on the other hand keeps asking "just WHO do you meet in Paris"?…I think she has suspicions. LOL! I just smile mysteriously. Ha Ha!NO not a Brazilian…goodness.. too painful! Just a a "tidy up"Jane and I are planning either a bike ride with Bruce or she did suggest the Hammam for Saturday if the weather was too cold for her to ride. You are welcome to join us on any of these. But isn't this your romantic weekend?


  3. Denise, I practice pack too ~ it drives Denis crazy. I have to plan for my spontaneous moments, lol.I'm so jealous of how often you get to go to Paris and how many friends you get to meet up with while you are there. I'm sure this will be another great trip. Looks like we will just miss each other by a few days. Oh, and like Mary Kay, I'm off to see what you said on TA too, lol. Jo


  4. It wasn't VERY grumpy, and it was also true! I always pack way too much even though I start laying everything out at least a week beforehand and try to put together outfits to reduce the amount. I'm currently planning packing for Crete in 3 weeks time, and at the same time thinking about what to take to Paris in July!


  5. Well, Janet, I felt grumpy when I wrote it,AND then I had to go back and say more! I was very polite but the OP DID get defensive. So I did apologise to her.I agree I still think I am right, but don't wish to offend people, just disagree sometimes.My bag comes in at 8kg…..2kg under hand luggage limits. Yay!Jo SO miffed that we will miss each other by a few days. We hardly got the chance to say much at the last GTG. We will have to make a date next time.Love Denise


  6. Good for you, you have mastered the science of light packing. I always try to do carry-on, too. Love your luggage. I can't see why so many people own black, nondescript luggage. They probably pick up the wrong bag all the time.


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