Ever since Cain slew Able, to King Lear, there have always been sibling rivalry and jealousies in families. After all brothers and sisters have to compete for attention, food, love. So it is not surprising that sibling relationships are complex.  

It is always a dilemma, how much to share on my blog, but as this blog is about my journey through life I feel I need to share something wonderful and emotional that happened last week.

My older brother and I have always had an uncomfortable relationship. One of those sibling rivalry issues that never got resolved, then over the years, petty resentments added fuel to the fire.
The gap widened when my brother moved to America about seven years ago and for a while we lost touch. To her credit, my sister-in-law contacted me through facebook and maintained a thread of contact.
To cut a long story short. Last week I had a long conversation with my brother by Skpe and this was followed up by emails. The air was cleared by a few simple sentences, we agreed to put the past in the past and my brother has invited me to visit. Which I will probably do next year. Needless to say a few tears were shed and it was a very emothional day for us both.

Thing is, I have always really liked and admired my brother as a man and I actually think he likes me.   All it needed was an acknowledgement of what is and a willingness to move on, to bring us closer, after all we are both not getting any younger and life is just too short to be estranged.

I am so glad of this opportunity to be reunited with my brother, as I said we are both not getting any younger and we may not get much opportunity to see each other.  Also I have an American nephew and his wife and two great nephews and a niece to get to know So looking forward to seeing them.


                                                                    love from Bolton


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  1. That's a lovely story Denise, I am so pleased for you. Life is much too short to bear grudges especially within family. It must have taken a lot of courage on both sides to agree to forget the past and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time when you meet up again.


  2. Thanks for deciding to share this story with us, Denise. It's a good reminder that what really counts in life are the relationships we make along the way and the love that we have for other people. I'm happy that your brother and you are reconciled and that you'll see each other in the near future. Any chance that they happen to live near Boston? I remember that you mentioned that you may be going there at some point. And who would have thought that you have so many American relatives!


  3. I'm so happy for you Denise. Life is indeed very short and in the end, family and friends are what count the most. I can imagine the happiness and relief that swept over you when you both agreed to reconcile and put the past behind you, where it belongs.Thank you for sharing such an intimate story with us ~ it helps us all remember what is truly important in our lives.Jo


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