Chocolate. / Ramsbottom


“RAMSBOTTOM” is a strange name for a small town. 4 miles from my home.   Ramsbottom is situated in the Lancashire hills on the river Irwell. It has a gritty beauty, with stunning views of surrounding moors, these days dotted with wind turbines, elegantly turning in the wind. It has beautiful stone Victorian architecture and the steep streets of terraced houses give it character.
The name “Ramsbottom ” is believed to be derived form the words ramm and botm meaning “valley of the ram”

The main streets cross each other and nowadays, trendy shops and cafes abound. Not to mention the East Lancashire stem railway passes through

So it is not surprising that a town with a funny name should stage a Chocolate festival each year. There was music, a Chocolate market. selling all sort of Chocolate goodies. A local Chocolatier creating a sculpture, and lots of street food.
Chocolate face lollies.

Louie takes a moment out to eat his lolly.

Chocolate beer!

Good old British chocolate

and of course lots of chocolate eggs and hot chocolate

I tried the Chocoholic chutney and it was actually quite good. Made with apples and chocolate.

Of course there was music, a beer tent, and lots of fun for the children. This man walked around giving away balloon animals. There was face painting, egg decorating and a golden ticket to win a prize.

Of course the educational bit, telling us where chocolate comes from.

..and the fun bit,   a workshop making crispie chocolate cakes.

My grandchildren proudly show off their efforts.

…which didn’t last long, believe me!
love from Bolton


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  1. You're so lucky to have grandchildren, Denise! I miss the days of watching kids make things – like crispie chocolate cakes – and then helping them eat it! I can imagine that the chocolate chutney would be good. Chocolate goes well with all sorts of flavors.Sorry if I've already told you this, but our daughter believes that English chocolate is the best…much to the disappointment of her Swiss father.


  2. Well one day Mary Kay. You may have grandchildren. I had given up, then our children got into their late thirties and suddenly five came all at once followed by another four. So don't give up, you may get to make chocolate crispie cakes again! I don't know if English chocolate is the best. Certainly the more popular sweet milk Choclate viriiety s good but not recognised as chocolate in other places. Personally the more cocoa the better fir me. I like it Dark and bitter Love Denise


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