The Tower of London

During our London trip we visited the tower of London. It has been many years since I visited and what a difference! This has become a slickly organised tourist attraction.
Looked very imposing as you approached form Tower Hill. What terror must this view have struck into the heart of those imprisoned there in the past.

We arrived at 1030h, The queues were about five minutes. I was a bit daunted by the entry fee of £20 90p for Adults and £17 10p for concessions, but we had got some two for one vouchers with daysout and (what they don’t tell you) the fee includes a donation, which I opted put of.at the window. So it actually cost around £19 for two.
Even if you are not travelling by train, it is worth just buying a rail ticket to get the deals. You print out the vouchers for all kinds of attractions at home before you go and as long as you have a train ticket valid for that day or a period between return than the vouchers are vailid. Having said that, the girl on the desk didn’t look at my train ticket.
There are very realistic models of lions in the old moat, that used to guard the tower, which was also a Royal palace and they had a ZOO.

The correct title of the Beefeaters is “Yeoman Warder” and they are all recruited from ex service personel. They have to have served for 22 years and have a distinguished service medal and be of good conduct. They live with their families in the Tower itself.

Imposing entrance.

We took a tour, with one of the yeoman guards. When you have been a regimental Seargent Major, the voice comes in handy to show groups around the tower. Excellent, highly recommended.
Note the latest London iconic building in the background. Huge triangle still under construction

The dreaded Traitors gate, where they brought VIP prisoners through from the river

And the entrance to the Bloody tower. How my imagination was fired as our guide told us tales of executions ans lost princes.

The tour was excellent

More monkeys from the zoo.

Great view of Tower bridge from the battlemants.

..and in the opposite direction the New City Hall. Do yo think Boris could hear us shout?

The high entrance fee is well worth it, as you could spend a whole day there. There are lots of different tours with people dressed in medieval character. of course there are the stunning Crown jewels and an extremely nice restaurant, selling good wholesome food.
But we had booked another English tradition, afternoon tea at 15 30 so sadly we took our leave.
Love from Bolton

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  1. As we're contemplating a trip to London, it's very helpful to know about the two for one vouchers. I'm glad to hear that a woman has joined the ranks of Yeoman Warders! Like you, my imagination ran wild while listening to the tales during our tour of the Tower several years ago.The huge triangle building looks great in the photos. Any idea what the Londoners think of it?


  2. No idea what Londoners think of the triangle building. I have tried to google it but I cannot identify the new building.Yes the two for one vouchers are a bargain!


  3. What a wonderfully informative report with great pictures! I can see that this would be a great visit if we ever manage to tear ourselves away from Paris and make it to London.I am also happy to see a female Yeoman Warders. There always has to be one brave soul to pave the way for the rest of us, whoever "us" may be.Jo


  4. Thanks for your comment Jo. I hope you get to visit London one day. It is only just over two hours on the Eurostar!The new pyramid shaped building in my report is called the Shard, and recently they announced on the news that the last piece of glass was put into place. It is due to open in June.


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