But look how impracticable and dangerous this is,  As a motorist I know how invisible cyclists are, so where is the  hi visibility or reflective  clothing or even bright colours to be seen.

No protective helmet  strap. (so it can’t fit right!)  I would no more dream of riding my bike without a proper fitting helmet, than get into a car without seatbelt.
Flowing fabrics to catch in the chain, and what if it rains? ..and those high heels!!!!
I see these women cycling  all over Paris
Do these women never sweaty, or get helmet hair?
I Love my bicycle.  I nearly changed it last year, but realised one has an emotional relationship with your bike and I couldn’t get rid of it for a new shiny model. ( can you see a similarity between this and the velib?)
I have cycled when my first son was a baby and then in my thirties, but I bought this one  5 years ago, when petrol prices went uip to £1 13p per litre……  ha! Petrol now costs £1 30p per litre. how much money have I saved..
I use my bike for transport.  But I hate looking like a cyclist that is a frustrated tour de France rider!
(Although the pink one is kind of cute!)
Apart from anything else, I am female, old and not slim, so Lycra does not do anything for me!.

But there are practical considerations, So I have a collection of red coats! and I am obsessed with cycle bags that do not look like cycle bags! When I cycle to town or to the shops I do not want to walk around looking like a cycle geek!

I cycle to work at 0615h in the cold and dark, up steep hills and often in the rain. I once read a question, “how do you keep dry on a bike?  answer, you don’t. LOL!  this is because if you wear a jacket that prevents rain from soaking through, the condensation formed inside makes you wet.  So I am just resigned to being damp in the rain!..and it rains a lot around here.

 So then  I need clothes that will be seen and which will dry out at work before the ride home.. And of course I need to shower before work and have a change of clothes.

This is my jacket for work. Hi visiblity, reflective panels, waterproof and breathable.

Roomy enough to wear a sweater underneath for those freezing cold mornings.


I have lots of lights. Flashing in my helmet, flashing on the bike. Two at the front and three at the back. I wear hi visiblity reflective clothing and a well fitting helmet.

But I would love a bit of cycle chic as shown on the images on this website.

 Cycle cape, a bit “mumsy” and again not refective or high vis
Rain Poncho - Festival Floral

 and look at this pannier!  beautiful. I want it!

There ARE chic helmets around, like this Yakkay one,  which I LOVE,  but a but pricey at 94 euro!


Cyclechic advertise this black mac with reflective panels. at £129……  don’t they know cyclists want to save money!


But frankly, only a fool, or somebody with a death wish wears black on a bike during the day. (and where is the helmet?)  Motorists may be more cycle aware in London or big cities, but here, because there are not a lot of us around here, they just do not SEE you unless you are lit up like a Christmas tree.

So unfortunately this is the best I can do!

love from Bolton


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  1. Denise I admire you for cycling even when it's dark and/or rainy, I'm a lazy bum and only cycle when the weather is perfect (not too hot, not too cold,no wind,and no threat of rain of course !). And I agree that you look quite chic ! Still, if you want that helmet or that great orange bag, make sure that Michael and/or your daughter and/or DIL read your post before your next birthday !Anne


  2. I think you look incredibly stylish. I love the coat and the scarf, even the black shoes and tights contribute to your look. And don't get me started at your resolve to bike to work so early in the morning, regardless of weather. You are an inspiration (and I really do have to get off this damn couch!)Jo


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