Made soup today!

Love soups, winter is coming to an end but warming soups still make a good work lunch.  I freeze these and take with me. They have thawed by lunchtime to heat in microwave. They always taste better when left a day, or frozen, the flavours have time to develop.

Geetas red lentil soup.

This delicious recipe was passed to me by my daughter in law and I don’t know why this works so well but it does.

100g red lentils
large thumb joint sized piece of ginger, peeled.
2 garlic cloves peeled
small onion
large stick of celery
2 medium carrots.
teaspoon smoked paprika
teaspoon cumin seeds
1 litre vegetable stock.
(I use Kallo organic veg stock cube)

Chopped coriander leaf , 1 tbs plain yoghurt, ground black pepper to garnish.

Chop garlic, ginger and onion. preferably in a food processor.
fry in a little sunflower oil
meanwhile chop the carrots and celery in a food processor
add cumin and paprika to fying onion mix and fry for a minute
add carrots and celery to pan and fry for a minute
add lentils
add vegetable stock
simmer for 25-30 minutes till all is soft.
taste for seasoning, add salt if needed.

serve garnished with fresh coriander leaves and a swirl of yoghurt and ground black pepper.

Butternut squash and coconut soup with lime.

inspired by a visit to a South American restaurant.

1 white onion chopped
2 garlic cloves chopped
1 small stalk of celery chopped
half a red chill chopped
1 butternut squash peeled and seds removes, cut into large cubes.
 400ml tin light coconut milk
600ml chicken stock ( Kallo Organic)

juice of one lime 
 finely grated lime zest and natural yoghurt to garnish

fry onions, celery garlic chill in a spray of oil till soft
add cubes of butternut squash
add coconut mik
add stock.
simmer till vegetables are soft about 30 minutes.
Blitz in liquidiser till smooth
add lime juice and salt to taste.
Adjust thickness to taste with a little hot water.

garnish with dollop of yoghurt and sprinkle of lime zest.


Love from Bolton


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