Recently saw the film the best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

(it starts with adverts, but they only last a minute)
With a prestigious British cast, this film is about a group of older people who reject the more conventional retirement plans of thier families and go on an adventure to India instead.
The cinema was full of people over 60, who frankly I think would be the only audience who cold relate to the themes of the film, that oldies are people with a spirit of curiosity and adventure, feelings, sexuality, love and disappointment.
I realy enjoyed the film.  The photography was stunning and the performances were brilliant but I felt the film only brushed on the issues of life after 60.
That “oldies” are people with feelings,  love, sexuality, sense of adventure and unfulfilled ambitions.

When I reched my 60th birthday, suddenly I could no linger ignore the fact that there were more time behind me than in front and that time was rapidly accelerating somehow.

For I was not phased by the sagging chin, the aching joints, weight gain and wrinkles, or more worryingly the  memory lapses, slower thought process and a complete inability to retain new information for more than two weeks!

No for me it was time, time to do all the things I wanted to do, time watch my grandchildren grow up, learn French, time to travel, time to  paint.

I wasted a year with the black cloud of depression chasing me, “coming to terms” with being 60.  Meanwhile, time was passing me by. Time I could not afford to waste.

Now I can say this is one of the happiest times of my life, rivalled only by the time when my children were young and when briefly I had everything I always wanted.

My contentment is not about fulfilled ambitions or acquiring “stuff” but comes from an acceptance if what IS and an appreciation of what I have, rather than hankering after what could be or regretting waht I have missed.

I don’t have the time to dwell on regrets, Nor do I have time for ambition.  THIS IS IT! the rainy day I have been subconsciously saving for all my life, and actually the metaphorical sun is shining!

Of course I have always known all this in my head, but only now with age and experience can I really  feel it.

This is such freedom. I no longer have to waste time doing anything I don’t want to. (like cleaning!) bother with people I don’t like.

I am rich, in love and people who love me. I am not always the centre of their world, but that does not matter.  I have enough money to travel a little and to do things on THE LIST.  in another 10 years I may be too old or frail, or have caring responsibilities or be dead!

……and there are bonuses to being 60.  I get a bus pass! YEAH!

Love from Bolton.


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  1. What a beautiful and wise post, Denise! You're a real role model for someone (me!) who is following the path behind you. I'm pleased that you've come to terms with aging and that you're right where you want to be in your life. And kudos for being so ready to try new things…like blogging!


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