I love being a Grandma

Grandma Denise with Max and Joseph!

I waited ages to be a Grandma, (Michael and I have five children between us,) then when our children got into their thirties suddenly five came all at once.   I was very privileged that my daughter, daughter-in-law and stepdaughters wanted to be with them in labour and came back a second time a couple of years later.  So I feel have a unique bond with my grandchildren in that I was one of the first to welcome them into the world.
I can’t tell you what love I feel for them and what joy they bring me. Being a grandma I can spoil them, enjoy joining  in their childish world, and them hand them back at the end of the day. 
My husband and I now have nine grandchildren, between 11 and 2.  Eight boys and one girl.  Some I see more fequently others for geographical reasons, so it was nice to spend two days in Sutton Coldfield
 with my son Paul, DIL Claire and the boys Joseph 6  and Max.3. We went to the local “treat street” shop that sells sweets, milk shakes and light snacks.  We went to the cinema to see “Monster in Paris” ( what else!) and attempted to make a gingerbread house.  Every-time I visit, which is every few months, they make me feel SO welcome and every time I visit they have grown up that bit more.
The gingerbread house collapsed after a few minutes!

Here are some “proud grandma” pictures!

Louie at school open day.  In my day they just had coconut shys!

Bodie shows Michael, how to use the Wii.

Joseph, King of  Birmingham

Lila, fashionista in the making.

What are Lila, Tom, Louie and Bodie looking at?

Is this Max the cat?

Love from Bolton

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of your grandchildren, Denise. They're lovely! I can see why you have such a happy smile on your face in the first photo.The blog looks fantastic – very professional!


  2. Your description of the joys of being a grandmother are right on ~ we can spoil them and love them and teach them and just inhale the beauty of them and then give them back, lol.I love my children but the depth of feelings I have for my grandsons sometimes scares me ~ I can't imagine life without the joy they constantly bring to mine.


  3. Jo, as one grandma to another, I know you understand perfectly my feelings for my grandchildren. Your joy in your own grandchildren always comes shining through. I know you are looking forward to your Paris trip with Sebastian soon. I hope you have a wonderful trip.Love Denise.


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