“Paris is one of those cities you could unpeel for a lifetime and still not succeed in uncovering all it’s variety, it’s multiple personalities. There’s 17th century Paris, revolutionary Paris,Boneparts Paris, existentialst Paris, avante-garde Paris. The real Paris, modern Paris,with it’s clochards and dog poo,ethnic vibe and snobbery and local corruption, lives in complex partnership with the Paris of yesterdays and the Paris of my imagination, for Paris is an idea as much as a place.”

Quoted from Lucinda Holdsworth “true Pleasures, a memoir of women in Paris>
The Paris of my imagination is a site of pleasure, history and beauty. It’s a place o recharge myself as a woman. Each time I come back here ot’s like greeting an older woman friend, one who is rather grande and imperious- a grande dame -in fact- who likes me to look my best, to have my wittiest conversation to hand and to be on my toes at all times.


Roniece and Denise! ha! two Muriels together!.. (both as daft!)

View from my window. Nice to come home to the Eiffel tower.

My nice little studio.

Welcome to Paris!

Welcome to France.


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