Another year 2012

January 8th 2012

Every year I resolve to keep a diary or some record of my life, which is rapidly getting towards it’s end. Maybe I should write as if it is a trip report, which actually it is. The journey of my life.

Michael is watching football, United and City. I hate football. hate the sound of the commentary, hate the culture, all of it.
Anyway. I think I should be hibernating . Winter is dark and cold. We stock up on food at Christmas and our bodies are then prepared for a long sleep! I have not been out of the house since Friday just messed about, washing, cleaning and inter-netting ( mostly inter-netting!) to be fair. I am recovering from the worst cold I have ever had and I am easily tired.
This time next week I will be in my beloved Paris. Staying in the 10th near canal St Martin this time with Lizzie. I am plotting a solo trip in February but do not yet know if I have got the time off. The trip is turning into a bit of an internet get together as Jane Strauss, and Dawn Lobell from US and Roniece from Austrailia are joining Lizzie and me to go to Marche au Puces on Monday…. should be good.


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