Sunday morning. Classic car ralley at the Bastille

Stella Mcartney in Palais Royal

Bar crawl around rue de Lappe

Palais Royal.

Hello!……this is Lizzie, not me. I didn’t realise till I saw these pictures how alike we are. Could be sisiters. No wonder we get on so well.
Walk through the passages.


Still dreaming about Paris……………….My hobby.
I have booked a week in May when I will meet Sandy from the US n London for the royal wedding , then we will catch the Eurostar to Paris. Sandy will stay 4 days, then my son Paul and grandson Joseph will join me to give me an excuse to visit Disneyland Paris. So excited about this. My inner child.
I have also booked another 4 days with Lizzie, (my convert!LOL!,) in an apartment on rue Roquette. “my” new found “area”
Maybe as a tourist I have matured, but I really like this bobo French area. A few years ago I would have thought it scruffy and uninteresting. I remember coming up in the Bastille some years ago when I first learned to use the metro and going back down again because I didn’t like it. The area did not fit my stereotypical view of Paris.
Other travel plans include…..London on March 3rd to hear Pauls inagural speech as a professor. SO proud of him. He is so unassuming, but obviously an expert in his field.
Krakov in July with Megan.
Possibly Nimes in June for a week with Michael .
Possibly, Megans farewell weekend in September to somewhere in Europe.
Just some random picture from my january Paris trip.


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