Saturday January 8th 2011.

I had forgotten I created this blog. I wish I had kept a diary all my life. They are so good to look back on. Even the trip reports I post are very interesting with the gap of time.
Last March I turned 60. Oh lord! I still have not got over it. In my head I am 25. I refuse to think of myself as “old” DID NOT WANT TO BE 60!
I got a bit depressed because I was desperately trying to make the most of each day and becoming more self obsessed by the minute. Then I read a book called “eat, pray, love” and realised that loneliness and depression were stalking me, so I turned round and shouted “COME ON IN” and somehow they went away. I forgot about myself, started thinking about other people and started living in the world instead of my head!
So lets see if I can add some pictures….
Oh! I see……the above was a lovely picture of my grandsons that my daughter sent to my phone while I was away in Paris for a month in May. Helped a lot to stave off the homesickness
Try again….

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